Wednesday, 5 January 2011

52Qs - 2011 Version!

Yes Mummy pokes her tongue out when she is painting too, lol.

Today Heather and I have been doing our first page for the 52Qs challenge. I started this challenge in 2009 and fell by the wayside quite early, I hope to do better this time round! Instead of tags or atcs I am doing 12x12 artjounal/scrapbook pages. This is because I have more paper in my house than I can ever use and this way I will at least get through one sheet a week, hopefully more.

Heather's page is painted but any 'journaling' is going to have to wait a while for the paint to dry - maybe a few months!!

This is my page, I have written my hopes for the year around the edge of the page. I will try and find a better way of taking pictures of my pages as this challenge progresses

You can play along with this challenge here, go on you know you want to!

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Emily x

Paint used - Reeves acrylics and some of Heather's poster paints
pen - sharpie
stamps - unity

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Mixed Media cj

Hello blog world
Well it has been a while since I posted anything hasn't it!

I am hosting a mixed media cj on UKS and am having great fun making my little book. Only a front cover so far but i thought I'd share it :)

This started as a chipboard blank. I cut a card copy of the house and cut this into pieces, these were then decorated in a variety of ways. Stamped, inked, painted, misted, embossed, covered in wallpaper etc. They were stuck to the chipboard and I did a bit of faux stiching with a gel pen around the edges. The door and window were chipboard that was painted in a mixture of brown, copper, gold and white paint to give a kind of aged look. The lady in the window was mounted onto a stamped background and the window has acetate 'glass'. This may be one of those occasions where I didn't know when to stop but I quite like the end result! Only inside cover, back and my actual page to do - good job its nearly a month until it travels anywhere :)

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inks used - cheap ones, lol
stamps used - {ippity} and random wood mounted
paints used - reeves acrylics
downloaded image from etsy