Friday, 28 November 2008

Magnolia Notepad

This is another fridge notepad made for a Chrismas Present. This Magnolia was from the Autumn club kit, sentiment from Faerie Song, the papers are DCWV and embelishments were LP Creative. More detail can be seen below.
Thanks for looking

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Birthday Star Card

I bought some stamps from this great company called Faerie Song a little while ago. I meant to make somthing for my hubby for our anniversary but they did not arrive due to a little visit they made to customs :( Anyway it is his Birthday in a week or so and this is what I have come up with. The Dragon and fairy stamps are all from Faerie Song along with the sentiments apart from the Happy Birthday which is Stamps away and the florishes are from Unity. The instructions for the star card are from Time for Crafting .

Monday, 17 November 2008

Seed Folder

I have been inspired by some lovelly little folders I've seen made to hold tea bags or a packet of seeds, so i wanted to have go myself. From the original idea though the finished result bares little resemblance but I am pleased with it, good thing too as it took ages! I hope my Mum will like it as its her Christmas present (I am safe to post this as she is not into blogs!) Above is the front cover.
This is the first page, I have made a little pocket to hold a notepad and a pen holder.

There is a Pocket for each month, I have put in a few packets of seed to start it off.

This is a pocket inside the back cover to hold notes, cultivating instructions etc.

This show the whole this opened up :)

Thanks for looking


Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Card - Finally!

Well I have finally managed to make a card, not sure why but have been off cards for a couple of weeks. Its using two stamps I bought from the Magnolia Winter Collection. My Stamp club stamps arrived this morning so hope they will get me going on the Christmas cards again. Thanks for looking.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Shopping list pad Directions

This is my attempt to show how I made my shopping list pad. This is the way I did it but I am not saying its the best in any way :) I cut a piece of A4 chipboard in half lengthways
I made a slit using a craft knife big enough for the back of the note pad to side into.

I took an A4 piece of card and repeated both these steps on the card.

I then trimmed the bottom of the chipboard and the card for the back, both needs to be 2cm shorter than the card for the front.

I place the note pad on the front card to see where it will came down to and then made four score lies 1cm appart below the note pad.

I folded on the second scoreline down and scored cut and folded to make the pen holder, as detailed in previous post.

I then stuck the two pieces of card to the two pieces of chipboard, lining up the slots on the front parts.

The front can then be stuck to the back but I only stuck at the top and bottom to allow enough flexability to insert the notepad.

This can now be decorated as desired and magnets glued to the back so it can stick to the fridge.
I hope this has been helpful, thanks for looking

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Variation on a theme!

I Know I have done the wrong year!!!! ARRGGGHHH it will be fixed!
Yet another Diary! This is a bit different as I have made the pen holder on the edge instead of the spine. Quite pleased with myself as I made the text circle on the PC myself (thanks to the great instructions on UKScrappers). I will try to give details on how i made the cover :)
My Diary has the following dimensions (adjust for yours):
Height 15cm
Width 10.5cm
Spine 2cm
I took an A4 peice of card and cut lengthwise so it was just taller than my Diary. I scored my card at the following points:
1cm and a few mm in and then made that my zero line and scored at the following 10.5cm, 12.5cm, 24,25,26,27.
Folded at the score line at 25cm. Scored at 5 cm and 10cm along this fold up to the next score line and then cut at these points.
Folded to make the pen holder (see previous post to see details) and then glued and inserted diary.
If anyone tries to follow these and has trouble let me know, the light was too bad to take pictures.
Thanks for looking

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Shopping list pad

I am continuing on the Christmas presents today. I have
bought Some little note pads from Asda for the grand sum of 10p each and I am turning them into notebooks to keep on the fridge for shopping lists etc.
I made a place for a pen to live, always nice to have one handy.

It has two magnets on the back so it can hang on the fridge.

Thanks for looking


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Dottie's World Challenge

This is my entry for this weeks challenge over on Dotties World which is black white and a splash of colour. There is a special Dottie image available for those taking part and it brilliant.
I am not in a card mood at the moment for some reason so George has been used for a bookmark and been given rather shocking ginger hair :)
Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Covered Notebook/Diary Instructions

These instructions are based on those found on the Double Dutch Challenge blog here. I (and I know others) found the instructions a little difficult to follow so to save everyone elses cardstock this is my attempt to clarify, I hope no one minds :)

Firstly have your note book and sheet of card, to cover an A6 notebook you need A4 card so you need to scale accordingly for your notebook.

Cut your cardstock so that it is just taller than the notebook and twice the width plus at least 7cms (this is where i move slightly away from the Dutch instructions) Then score at the centre point and 1cm either side.

You should have 3 score lines across the width of your card, bit difficult to see in the picture (the help of a cat is optional)

Fold on the centre score line and then cut from the edge to the next score line at two points equal distance fron the ends, I cut 5cms from both ends.

You should have two cuts like this.

Push the ends parts so they fold in and the middle so it folds out like in the picture.

Glue the folds together

This is an adaption I mde to the original as i think it makes it a bit neater. place your notebook in the folder you have made and score alng its edge, remove the book and score about 3mms further along from the score line just made, this can then fold over the edge of the book.

Repeat this for the front cover.

You can now glue the notebook to the back cover and spine, i recomend very sticky glue and using somthing to hold it together while it sets.

Repeat for the front cover and leave for glue to dry.

An example of a finished book, in this case a diary.
I hope this has been helpful, sorry aboout the awful layout I can not get it to behave :)

Another Christmas Present!

This is just a 99p diary covered and decorated, I am quite pleased with the end product, I think this one will be for my MIL :)

Monday, 3 November 2008

Sweet Tin

This tin was from the £1 shop, it had waffer biscuits in (fortunately the kids like them, they have 3 tins worth to eat!) I painted the ends and used DCWV paper to cover the tin and then loads of Pointestia to decorate :)

Sorry, I could not get a good picture of the top - kept getting my shadow :(

I am going to do these for a few people at Christmas, this is for my Brother and SIL, it will be filled with sweets.