Monday, 29 September 2008

The Chickens!

No cards have been made here in the last couple of days, feeling a bit lack luster. Thought I would show a picture of our new chickens, one I can tell appart and she is going to be called Rosie (she has rosy cheeks at to moment, her feathers are a bit thin). The other three all look the same to me at the moment, hope I will start to be able to tell them apart eventually or it will be like the Gerbils, we have spot and the 3 pips! They are only 10 weeks old so a long wait for eggs but they are great to watch.

I bought a Cuttlebug today!!! I have sold a load of stuff I dont use on ebay (not quite enough enough to cover it but i couldn't wait), look forward to its arrival :)

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