Thursday, 15 January 2009

Altered Thimble Rack 'Treasure'

These are some pictures of the thimble rack that i have altered, it cost couple of pounds from a cheapy shop in town. I painted it with geeso, papered,applied gold paint and more gesso and then used pva mixed with a little tattered rose distress ink as a varnish. it is filled with my 'treasures' some of which I have kept since i was very small. Not sure what anyone else would think of it but its packed with sentimental attachment for me.


Sarah said...

this is lovely!!!!

and well done for making something to keep for yourself, which is something I never get round to doing!

Minx said...

Aw this is just Darling, love it :O)

Jane said...

Hey Love this little rack...I bought one the other day off ebay, not got round to altering it yet, but you sure have given me a an idea or 2...thanks.
I have lots of tiny, silly sentimental treasures collected over the years my 4 sons were growing up...they are all adults now!
Love it!