Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tilda is home!

My circle Journal Returned home yesterday :) I have taken pictures of each of the layouts done by the people in my group - they are all FAB!

March - First Tilda had a trip to visit Dawn in Letchworth Garden City:

April - Tilda had a fun trip to Christina's 60th Birthday cellebration in Scotland:

May - Tilda met Bob at Pooh Courner thanks to Penny:

June - A trip to the imaginary garden in Emma's mind:

July - Nicola took Tilda on the Belfast eye:

August - York and a fun filled day with Vicki:

October - A trip to London and a ride on the other eye with Tracey:

The great luggage tag sign in page:

November - Welcome Home Tilda, a little party with some old friends and a new one courtesy of Christina:

Our first circle journal had a few ups and downs and I ended up with only 8 entries instead of the initially expected 10 but I love my book and will look forward to doing another (I wonder if I could persuade enough people to do a whole Magnolia theme group?!)

Thanks for looking
Emily x


Biskit said...

Looks fab Emily. I'm sure you could do a magnolia book, lots of people have them!

Sarah said...

oh it looks fab!!

I hope Tilda has a head for heights what with all those ferris wheels :)

I'm glad you enjoyed taking part in the CJ, despite it going wrong along the way

Corrina said...

Great looking CG and I like Tracy's 2 eyes are better than one, very clever, also the welcome home party, excellent idea.

Nicola said...

Looks gorgeous Emily. Wish I'd done all those things myself in the past 12 months!

Tracy said...

looks like Tilda had a good time!

Carmen said...

What a brilliant idea for a cj! :D Not a fan of Tilda myself but this is so fun even I contained my shudders to have a chuckle :P Love Tilda looking out of the Eye window.