Sunday, 9 November 2008

Variation on a theme!

I Know I have done the wrong year!!!! ARRGGGHHH it will be fixed!
Yet another Diary! This is a bit different as I have made the pen holder on the edge instead of the spine. Quite pleased with myself as I made the text circle on the PC myself (thanks to the great instructions on UKScrappers). I will try to give details on how i made the cover :)
My Diary has the following dimensions (adjust for yours):
Height 15cm
Width 10.5cm
Spine 2cm
I took an A4 peice of card and cut lengthwise so it was just taller than my Diary. I scored my card at the following points:
1cm and a few mm in and then made that my zero line and scored at the following 10.5cm, 12.5cm, 24,25,26,27.
Folded at the score line at 25cm. Scored at 5 cm and 10cm along this fold up to the next score line and then cut at these points.
Folded to make the pen holder (see previous post to see details) and then glued and inserted diary.
If anyone tries to follow these and has trouble let me know, the light was too bad to take pictures.
Thanks for looking

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