Monday, 10 November 2008

Shopping list pad Directions

This is my attempt to show how I made my shopping list pad. This is the way I did it but I am not saying its the best in any way :) I cut a piece of A4 chipboard in half lengthways
I made a slit using a craft knife big enough for the back of the note pad to side into.

I took an A4 piece of card and repeated both these steps on the card.

I then trimmed the bottom of the chipboard and the card for the back, both needs to be 2cm shorter than the card for the front.

I place the note pad on the front card to see where it will came down to and then made four score lies 1cm appart below the note pad.

I folded on the second scoreline down and scored cut and folded to make the pen holder, as detailed in previous post.

I then stuck the two pieces of card to the two pieces of chipboard, lining up the slots on the front parts.

The front can then be stuck to the back but I only stuck at the top and bottom to allow enough flexability to insert the notepad.

This can now be decorated as desired and magnets glued to the back so it can stick to the fridge.
I hope this has been helpful, thanks for looking

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Helena said...

Thank you! I shall definitely have to have a go at this one :)