Monday, 17 November 2008

Seed Folder

I have been inspired by some lovelly little folders I've seen made to hold tea bags or a packet of seeds, so i wanted to have go myself. From the original idea though the finished result bares little resemblance but I am pleased with it, good thing too as it took ages! I hope my Mum will like it as its her Christmas present (I am safe to post this as she is not into blogs!) Above is the front cover.
This is the first page, I have made a little pocket to hold a notepad and a pen holder.

There is a Pocket for each month, I have put in a few packets of seed to start it off.

This is a pocket inside the back cover to hold notes, cultivating instructions etc.

This show the whole this opened up :)

Thanks for looking



Helena said...

This is superb! Gorgeous! She should love it!

How long did it take you????

How much mess did you make?? :) LOL!

Scrappy~Sarah said... the idea to do something better than I had planned for my Mum for Christmas :D

Sam said...

What a fantastic gift. I'll have to have a go myself.