Thursday, 10 December 2009

{ippity} Blog Candy!!!

To celebrate the launch of {ippity} stamps I am having a blog candy give away! This is a great prize the COMPLETE 'Just wanted to say' stamp set:

As will all {ippity} sets this set is in gorgeous deeply etched red rubber ready mounted on cushion to use with your own acrylic blocks.

To enter my blog candy please leave a comment including the following:

1. pop over to {ippity} Inspiration and have a look at the other sets, tell me witch you like best - easy
2. pop on a link to your blog to show you have spread the news about my candy :)

Good luck everyone, the draw for the candy will take place on the 10th December.

Emily x


Emilie said...

Thank you for such a nice candy! I love the "Life's Little Moments" stamp set but to be honest it was hard to say as they are all so amazing! I'll defenetly keep my eyes on them!
I have edited my last post to had a link to your candy here:

Cheri Howard said...

How can I NOT enter this candy? =D

My favorite set by far is Devoted, but I also love Alphabetically Adorable, too.

Linked you up in the sidebar of my blog!

Ali M said...

Straight from the heart has to be my favourite,but they are all good!
Thanks for leading me to another great stamp!!LOL..
I dont have a blog ..maybe its something I shall start in the new year!,so Im sorry I cant spread the word ..but will send lots of messages to people !

fancypantz said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment. :)

I am now off to check out ippity! weee!! :)

Mandy said...

Hi Emily, thanks for visiting me hun. I like the Kissmas and Mistletoe set best as they are all gorgeous stamps that you could use over and again, you can never have too many Christmas stamps!
I'll go and pop a piccy and a link in my sidebar
hugs Mandy xx

Lori said...

Wonderful designs! The one I like best is "Devoted" Praying the LORD causes success to follow the work of your hands!

Linked you on my sidebar -

Love and hugs ~ Lori xx

Annelies said...

Great candy 'cause 'Just wanted to say' is actually my favorite Ippity stamp set! I think this is the one I would use the most. I've put a link in my sidebar . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Vijaya Siddharth said...

I love the Alphabeticaly Adorable and Because of you! Although I think if I could I would really want all the sets! They are all so amazing!

Chell said...

Wow lovely blog candy, thank's for the chance!!

JAN said...

wow what wonderful stamps and available in the UK (soon) how great and different these are. they have a definite syle about them..stamps that have the x factor.
please enter me to win (wow so exciting ) i have linked on my blog too the giveaway (sidebar)
artbyjan at googlemail dot com
my favourites are BECAUSE OF YOU

JanJay said...

Gorgeous stamps, I love the "Because of You" set, very sweet.

Thanks for the chance to win some fab candy, have put a link on my blog.

Jan xx

gocanucksgo said...

Hi Emily! What a great giveaway! I think my favourite is the one you're giving away. I really like all the sentiments and they're really useful when you need to make a card for a special occasion. Thanks so much =) keep up the fantastic work!!

Melly said...

wow thanks for a wee chance to win your fab candy! have posted it on my wee Blog. take care sweets and thanks much xxx

Mary Lou said...

Hi Emily~~ Wow hard to choose just one I like b/c they are all stunning and useful!! Today I would use "Just wanted to Say"!!
Hope I am lucky (hee hee)!! Linked your candy to my blog to spread your news!!
Thanks and blessings
Mary Lou

Rosalee said...

Hi Emily,
I have to say my favorite is "Life's Little Moments" Taht would have to be my pick if I was to pick a favorite.
I have spread the word of your candy on my blog. Thak you so much for the chance.

Regina said...

hello Emily

what fantastic candy!
My fav sets are "Because of You" and "Just wanted to say".

Thank you so much for being generous enough to offer such gorgeous candy to win!

I've posted a photo with the link at my sidebar so let’s hope you get lots of people looking.


beadz said...

Great stamps! I really like Devoted and Simply Home. I'm off to post about your candy on my blog

Rebep said...

Que bonitas las tarjetas!! y los sellos..., son geniales! por España no los había visto. ME gustaría participar en tu candy, ya que por aqui no los hay a ver si hay suerte...Lo anuncié en mo blog:

Gracias por la oportunidad de participar!!

Sweet 'N' Crafty Gal said...

Hiya Hun!
I have to say because of you set very sweet! thanks for the chance to win, shall link you up! hugs carlyann xxx

Margot said...

I love 'Life's Little Moments' stamp set. I've put the link on my sidebar.


Effie said...

Never heard of these stamps but they look great... off to check them out!

Steph Zerbe said...

Oh, I really like this set and Life's Little Moments! I am posting this awesome candy on my blog!!! So excited!! Go Unity!

Denise said...

Hi Emily. Great candy! Would absolutely LOVE to win it!! I think the set I'd most like to have is 'Kissmas & Mistletoe'. Soooo cute!!

Mole said...

These stanps are a great discovery - had a hard time choosing my favourite. Think I have to vote for 'devoted' as my fave but I was hard-pushed to choose just one!

Domna said...

Emily, great candy! I've posted a link in my side bar.

Wonderful designs! But...
my choice is..
IPK 105 - Straight from the Heart
IPK 106 - Alphbetically Adorable


Kleine85 said...


what a great candy, I would love to win it.

My fave stamps are from the Kissmas and Mistletoe set.

I linked you on my sidebar.



kissindawind said...


Lisa aka Allissa said...

Hi Emily, beautiful stamps i must say!...I popped over and I like them all, would use them all but my fav are the one here and then the 'Devoted set' & the ' Simply Home set' Those trees are gorgeous...well, they all are :-) Im happy to spread the word about as your designs.Stunning. You go girl!
I have added your candy pic and linked back on my sidebar.
Thank you for the chance Emily.

Nikche said...

Thanks for the chance to win this great candy.

My favourite set is "Kissmas and Mistletoe" Is so sweet.

I put a link to my Blog.

Klykovka said...

Очень хочу!

Klykovka said...

Очень хочу!

Nikki said...

What a Great Set of Stamps to be giving away
My Fave is "Because of You"
I've added you into my sidebar
thanks for the chance
hugs Nikki

Kary Sol said...

Hi Emily!
Fantastic candy!!!! Thanks for the chance to win! I really want to be the lucky winner. Great set!!!
I love "Just Wanted to Say" set and "Alphabetically Adorable" set.
Linked candy on my sidebar.
Thank you!!!!!!

HazelQ said...

Thank you for the chance to win this nice candy :) It's soo hard to pick just one, so I'll pick two :P I really like the "Devoted" and "Just wanted to say" sets, these stamps are lovely. I linked your candy on my sidebar

Klykovka said...

Привет,я в скрапбукинге новичок и только начинаю творить,поэтому эта замечательная конфетка мне бы очень пригодилась для создания моего первого альбома.

Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the beginning on your new stamp store venture! You have some AMAZING sets already! WOW I am in love! :) Thank you so VERY much for giving us the chance to win this gorgeous set! The Just Wanted to Say Set is my ultimate favorite! I'm going right now to post about your candy in my side bar! Good Luck with your business!
Big Hugs~ Kim